Color Wash Church Motion Background Pack

We've teamed up with Visual Revival to make their incredible Color Wash Church Motion Background Pack and the full Color Wash Collection available to you, for free.

  1. A collection of 12 4K motions

    Perfectly looping motion backgrounds to use in slides, behind lyrics, or in video projects.

  2. Animated Countdowns

    4 countdowns for pre-service, just load in the mp4 and play; there's even audio if you need it.

  3. Motion Titles

    Animated slides for commonly used titles within church services.

  4. A colorful texture A colorful texture A colorful texture A colorful texture


    4k JPGs for slides, lyrics, social graphic backgrounds, and other content creation.

  5. ProPresenter Logo

    ProPresenter 7 Pack

    A pre-built ProPresenter Playlist and Theme. Fonts included with download.

  6. Still Title Transparencies

    28 pre-designed overlays commonly used in church slides, announcements, etc.

Pack Contents

What you see here is what you'll get.

Move your audience with powerful visuals that tell the emotional stories which bring the gospel to life! Set the tone for worship, sermons, and even socials with the visuals you display.

Baby Dedication
Call to Worship
Connect With Us
Go In Peace
Kids Dismissal
Meet and Greet
New Here
See You Next Work
Service Will Begin Soon
Small Groups
Thanks For Joining Us
Tithes and Offerings
Upcoming Events
Welcome Subtitle

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