New Free ProPresenter MultiView Layouts

Setup an entire MultiView in less than 5 minutes.

Being able to view a video input before selecting it for your main live stream or broadcast feed is integral to running a smooth service. Whether you have 1 camera and a lyrics input, or up to 8 cameras, our MultiViews will take your production to the next level.

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A TV with the ProPresenter MultiView
Custom-built ProPresenter Layout ProPresenter Logo

These MxU exclusive MultiViews for ProPresenter give you additional info like the current local time and live stream capture status. This allows you to keep your service running smoothly with important info right where you need it.

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Built for Production Teams.

MxU is more than just a library full of training videos—it’s the way to do live production. Teams that use MxU have efficient processes that lead to executing weekend experiences at the highest level. They also experience less burnout and volunteer turnover. Here’s how MxU makes it happen.
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