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MxU and ChurchGear are giving away a Behringer X32.

Are you looking to upgrade to a modern digital audio console? Maybe your team's current audio console is falling apart? Looking for an audio console for another space? So many reasons to sign up for this free giveaway!
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MxU and ChurchGear are giving away a Behringer X32.
This gear is Certified Church Owned®. Being Certified Church Owned gear, your console will be in top shape when it arrives! Learn More

In partnership with ChurchGear, we’re giving away a FREE Behringer X32 Audio Console.

The Behringer X32 has been a top-selling digital audio console for years thanks to its easier-to-stomach pricing (compared to other digital boards!) and ease of use. Since so many churches around the globe use the X32, there is a ton of knowledge out there and you're likely to find future volunteers or staff who have already used it in previous environments! This makes onboarding new team members even easier. We even have a full course on setting up, using, and excelling with the X32 on the MxU Platform! After winning this console you'll have access to some incredible built-in effects, 16 mixing busses for incredible flexibility, and support for many types of external hardware to take your church's audio setup to the next level.

This console is Certified Church Owned and is provided by ChurchGear.

When ChurchGear certifies a piece of production gear as Certified Church Owned, that means:

  1. The gear has been sourced from a church.
  2. The gear has passed their rigorous testing process.
  3. The gear comes with a six month warranty when it is bought by another church.

ChurchGear helps church tech directors and worship leaders with their production gear needs. Do you have tons of used gear that you’re no longer using? ChurchGear can buy that gear, clear your closets and convert that gear graveyard into new ministry dollars for you. Do you need production gear that you can afford and trust? ChurchGear’s Certified Church Owned gear is an excellent solution.

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