MxU Podcasting Tutorial with Earthworks Audio

Are you or your church wanting to record a podcast but have no idea where to start? No worries! We are in the business of training. In fact, we have created three video tutorials in collaboration with Earthworks Audio to walk you through the essential stages of getting your podcast up and running. We cover everything from the tooling and gear you will need, the recording process itself, to wrapping everything up in post-production.

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What is MxU?

Recruit. Train. Retain.

Intentional tools built for you to recruit, train, and retain your church teams.

A screenshot of the MxU interface

Healthy church teams don’t grow without new volunteers. Onboarding is the solution to getting them started, the right way.


What does volunteer onboarding and training look like? How can you ensure team members are learning the right things at the right time? This is where Assignments come in.


Learning complex topics often requires more than watching a single 5-minute video. With Courses, learning paths are endless.

Custom Content.

Communicate your team culture and processes with Custom Content. No more having to answer the same questions or worrying if your team will be ok while you’re gone next weekend.

Extensive content library.

A never-ending library of training videos, designed for all who want to pursue a new standard of excellence in audio, video, and lighting.

Team Management.

With our Team Management tools, MxU is a home base where you can finally keep track of your people.