Setting Up Your grandMA

Daniel Connell walks through the basics on when/why/how to use a grandMA.

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What is MxU?

Volunteer development tools you’ve always wished you had.

MxU is more than just a library full of training videos—it’s the way to train healthy teams. Teams that use MxU have efficient processes that lead to executing weekend experiences at the highest level.

A screenshot of the MxU interface
Extensive content library.
Use our library of 600+ training videos to curate content specifically designed for your team.
Custom videos.
Upload your own training content and use it in assignments and courses.
Create custom learning paths and assign them to your team.
Following up with conversations is easy. Send a simple link and leave the rest to MxU.
Role management.
Delegate team management to your team leads while keeping an eye on everyone’s progress.
We'll do the work for you.
Email reminders, in-app notifications, and assignment recommendations enable seamless training operations on day 1.