We're Partnering for a System Giveaway

ChurchGear and Amplio approached us with a crazy idea: what if we partner up and give away a system for an under-resourced church? ChurchGear would provide the gear, Amplio would put it all together, and MxU would provide custom training for their specific system.

Why are we doing this? - The three of us are committed to resourcing the local church.

  • Amplio is a team of experts who love the Church more than the solutions they deliver. Our staff has worked for and with churches of all sizes, styles, and denominations across the country.
  • ChurchGear rescues production gear from churches, restoring and reselling it to smaller churches & individuals.
  • MxU exists to see church teams steward their volunteers well, with intentional tools for leadership that inspire excellence. This is why we created the MxU platform; software tools and training videos that help churches recruit, train, and retain their volunteer teams.

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